Occupational Medicine

Green Bay, WI

Job Description

Aurora Medical Group, Inc. - Green Bay, WI

Job Title: Occupational Medicine Physician

Duties: The Occupational Medicine Physician at Aurora Medical Group, Inc. in Green Bay, Wisconsin will diagnose, assess, and treat occupational illnesses and/or injuries most commonly associated with various workplaces.

These injuries can include hand injuries, arthritis, lymphedema, burns, heart disease and orthopedic conditions such as joint replacement and bone fractures. Analyze records, reports, test results and/or examination information to diagnose and assess medical condition(s) of patients and then treat patients by prescribing or administering medication, therapy, vaccination, development programs/activities or other generalized medical care; collect, record and maintain patient medical history; refer patients to medical specialists when necessary; and advise patients on occupational health and safety.

Minimum Requirements: Medical Degree (M.D.) or foreign equivalent, completion of an accredited medical residency program in Occupational Medicine and possession of a State of Wisconsin medical license.

Aurora Medical Group, Inc.'s ongoing employee referral program does apply to this position.